Soul Based Living

100% Living with Mind & Heart Connected
100% Living with LIFE FORCE energy to Fuel Body
Fully Capable of Activating Your Divine Creative Force
Fully Capable of Healing Your Own Body
Fully Capable of Healing Your Mind
Learning to Get Soul Guidance to Help You
Release Beliefs/Patterns that are Destructive
Free Yourself of Darkness & Align to the Path of
Love and Light
Free Yourself of Limitations

Old System of Living

100% Living with Mind - No Use of the Soul
Living with LIMITED Life Force Energy
Manifesting with Mind "Creating with Force and Will Power"
Unable to Heal or Maintain LIFE in the Body
Unable to Process & Alleviate Anxiety, Fear, Doubt, Anger
Living in the Dark without Guidance
Open to Negative Energy Attacks
Open to Toxins and Frequencies that Destroy our
Soul Light & Health, Success, Relationships

The Awakening is Here!  For years, we called for help.  We called for our Freedom.  We called for more love and light.  We called to manifest our dreams.  We called to heal our wounds.  We called to end suffering.

We did it!  We broke free at the end of 2018.

Find out how to align to your Divine Birthright!

Learn to Walk this Life with Your Soul!

Every few weeks we are adding new programs.  Don't miss out!

Can't seem to get your Soul up and running?  Got questions?  Schedule a session with Soul Intuitive Colleen Frances to help you ignite your Divine Heart with ease!

Coming Soon.

Dedicate your love to the energy of LIFE!  Bring peace to our world.  Learn how to CREATE a better world.

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