Soul Loss

Getting Your Light to Shine - Dealing with Soul Loss

Who knew you could lose part of your Soul?  Yes, even though it is not talked about often, losing a connection or partial connection to your Soul lifeforce energy is actually very common.   I added this special article because I see this issue appear over and over during Soul Readings.

What is Soul Life-Force Energy?

We all think of our bodies as a mechanical mirale that just functions on its own, but this is not true.  Your Soul or Spirit is the “God of the Body”.  It is working in connection with your DNA to ensure that intelligent lifeforce energy is powering up all systems within your body such as digestion, respiration and mental processes.  Yes, your soul is making sure you sleep, breath and function.

It is also responsible for keeping you safe by reading telepathic singals from other people, places and things.  Without this instictive protection you may not feel as safe as others.  This intutitve ability, which we rarley notice, helps us to  understand the world around us and helps us feel connected, loved and a part of all life.

The Soul is also responsible for energizing and powering up your creations such as success, friendships, so that you will be able to have an impact on those around you or in life.  Yes, the Soul ensures that you are seen, heard and felt by those around you.

Partial Soul Energy Loss:

Partial Soul Energy Loss is when the Soul will partially redirect, misdirect or fail to direct your lifeforce energy.  This noramlly occurs when the body suffers a form of traum or pain and the Soul will move its energy away from the surface and remain, as I like to say hiding in the closet.  You never lose a part of your soul, becuase it is always there.  It is more that it fractures and will refuse to work as it should.

an event that occured in your life that caused you trauma or pain.   When this occurs some area of your physical, mental, emotional or career will not be receiving the energy it needs to support your life as you desire to live it.

When I see, this my heart breaks becuase I know this person must be suffering in some way and they are being denied access to the full essence of life.  The exciting part, is that it is easy to identify and there are ways to fix it.  Getting your fractured Soul back, allows you to fully bring back your lifeforce energy and you get to feel yourself again.  It can help resolve health issues, fill the body with loving and joyful emotions and frequencies that clear depression.  It can start protecting and guarding your physical body bringing back your sense of safety and clearing your anxiety and fears.

How do I know someone is experiencing Soul Loss?

As a Healer/Intuitive, there are two specific signs I see when dealing with Soul Loss.  For me, the first sign is difficulty finding, connecting or speaking with your Soul.  If I can’t make a full connection, I will immediately do a body scan.  If I see what looks like black veins running through your body, then I know there is Soul loss.  Every day your Soul fills your energetic body with light or lifeforce energy.  Light should be flowing to all parts of your body.  Soul loss causes the light veins to turn completely black and void of lifeforce energy.

This is a very serious condition because every area of the body that is not filling with light is not receiving lifeforce energy.  If the body continues on this way without finding other sources of light, it can become life-threatening.  Numerous times, I have been called to heal a person who was mysteriously dying at the age of 28 in a hospital that was not responding to treatment to find the cause as Soul Loss.  What is amazing is that when a body is reconnected to their Soul lifeforce energy, they recover almost instantly.   This is why I take this so seriously.

Is there a fix for Soul Loss? 

Yes!  I have read online people trying to do this on their own, but in my experience, this might be very difficult.  So, please don’t beat yourself up for not being able to do it.  I promise, it is not as easy as it sounds.  There are many reasons why a Soul will leave and this could even come from a past life.  Once you find the true location of your Soul and all the many fractured aspects of it, you must heal and clear all of the trauma.  Once cleared, you must prepare the body by disconnecting all of the alternate sources of light it found to keep itself alive (such as other people’s energy), clear entity attachments, and fix the parts of the body that are currently shut down.  Once you complete that, you must guide the Soul to fill the body with its spirit again.

If you think you need help or just want to know if you are experiencing this, schedule a Quick Session for an Assessment or Schedule a Soul Loss Session.

How does Soul Loss Occur?

In most cases, it is caused by trauma such as Drug Abuse/Alcohol Abuse, Overdose, Sickness, Surgery, Physical or Mental Abuse, Painful Separation from a Relationship, Abandonment, Shock, Painful Loss or Accident

In other cases, it can come from a past life trauma, black magic, or some type of dark force.

What Are the Symptoms?

Basic Physical Symptoms:  Lack of Energy, Motivation, Fears, Anxiety, Depression, All Types of Sickness and Suicidal Thoughts

Other Major Signs:  (Not everyone experiences all of these.)

  1. Strong focus on other people’s lives.  It creates the tendency to be consumed by living your life through other people’s experiences.  You love to tell everyone about everyone else’s life and what they are doing.  Can even be obsessive about other people and don’t understand why they don’t let you fully into their life.  Need to cling on to others.  This is true in cases of severe soul loss.  It can be comical when you tell people that they have severe Soul Loss, and their body is deteriorating and how dangerous it is, they will respond, “That’s nice, but can you tell me if my friend Joe is going to marry Maggie anytime soon.”  So, I’m going to add lack of concern for your own welfare, success, love life, etc.
  2. Deep Sense of Vulnerability:  Without the light of your Soul your body is very vulnerable.  You can imagine it as if everyone gets to wear a coat of armor and you have to walk around naked.  This leaves you open to entity-spirit attacks, negative energy and people stealing your energy (which you don’t have enough of).  This exposure causes a deep sense of insecurity.  You might never feel safe, which creates anxiety and fears.  It can even make you feel unsafe to fully fall asleep at night.  You might not like people or avoid dealing with people.
  1. Your Soul is your intuition, guiding force, healer, intelligence, emotional heart, and inspiration.  Without it fully anchored in your body, you can feel disconnected from life as if you are not fully living here.  You might not be able to feel emotionally connected to people or to love others as you used too.  You can’t seem to get motivated.  You might feel as if you want to check out of this life or life is not worth living.  You might feel emotionally numb, lost, stuck, not in control of your life and need other people to help you deal with your life.  You might ignore your life completely and your dreams and focus on helping others succeed.
  2. The need to get lifeforce energy from alternate sources.  Other than your Soul, the greatest source of light which can help a body is sunlight, either directly or from raw vegetables and fruit.  If you HAVE to have sunlight or get depressed without it, then this is a major sign.